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    British Travel Awards

    We are excited to announce that we have been nominated for ‘Best Holiday Company to Southeast Asia’

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    The indus experience

    Discover the indus experience - a collection of carefully crafted holidays designed with you in mind - offering you an outstanding selection of individual and group tours from our exclusive brochures. We also specialise crafting tailor-made experiences for discerning travellers. Our expertise has been recognised with our numerous awards for excellence.

    " Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. " - Mark Twain

  • Experts in tailor-made holidays

    Experts in tailor-made holidays

    Indus tailor-made experiences are just that. Personalised experiences designed solely for our guests to savour and enjoy. A Specialist Consultant based in Harrow, London will be dedicated to you - listening and advising on how to craft your dream tailor- made holiday to our captivating destinations: backed by 25 years of bespoke tour operations indus works with you to create a holiday to suit your interests and your budget.
  • Outstanding collection of holidays

    Outstanding collection of holidays

    The indus experience collection of tours is a perceptively created compilation designed to maximise your experience in your chosen country. Each tour has been thoroughly tried, tested and continually updated to ensure an unforgettable indus experience. Choose a brochure tour or a tailor- made experience to India, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Indochina, Thailand or North Africa. Our specialist portfolio offers a range of indus experiences including art, wildlife, culinary, skiing in Kashmir, golf and Remembrance tours.
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    Travel inspirations

    Looking for inspirations for you holiday? Let our range of selective journeys from Indus Experiences inspire you! View our travel inspirations brochures to help you to create your tailor-made journey in Burma, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, River Cruising, India, Bhutan or Nepal.
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Following Sir Aurel Stein’s Footsteps in Kashmir

Aurel SteinGroup Tour 10 to 21 August 2016

Following the trail of footsteps of the far-famed and highly acclaimed Hungarian born British explorer Sir Aurel Stein, Indus Experiences is organising a very special tour to Kashmir. The itinerary includes a trek to the alpine meadow of Mohand Marg in the Sindh Valley where Stein spent many summers and where we intend to erect a new memorial stone to the legend inscribed in English, Urdu and Sanskrit. Guest lecturers will be Susan Whitfield, John Falconer, both Curators at the British Library & Stein Researcher S.N. Pandita. Prior to departure, all guests will be invited to join Susan and John at the British Library for an orientation day, which will include the opportunity to view rare manuscripts collected by Stein, as well as his other personal documents.

London Delhi Srinagar Manigam Mohand Marg Chittergul Srinagar Delhi  London
11 Days £2,345

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Textiles of Gujarat

4Group Tour 17 - 30 September 2016

India held world monopoly in the manufacturing ofcotton textiles for about 3,000 years from about B.C.1500 to A.D. 1500. In the middle ages, Indian cottontextile products were in great demand in the Easternand European markets. The first modern cotton textilemill was set up in 1818 at Fort Glaster near Kolkata. Butthis mill could not survive and had to be closed down.The first successful modern cotton textile mill wasestablished in Mumbai in 1854 by a local Parsientrepreneur C.N. Dewar. Shahpur mill in 1861 andCalico mill in 1863 at Ahmedabad were other landmarks in the development of Indian cotton textile industry.Gujarat is the second largest producer of cotton textiles.This state accounts for over 33 per cent of the mill clothand over 8 per cent of the yarn production of thecountry. Ahmedabad is the largest center where 73 outof 118 mills of Gujarat are located. Ahmedabad is thesecond largest center of cotton textile industry afterMumbai. Textile tour of Gujarat will provide you an insight intothe wonderful world of happy local communitiesconnected with the textiles and their cultural heritage.

Mumbai Ahmedabad Pethapur Dasada Bhuj Mandvi Mumbai
14 Days £1,376


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Romancing The Himalayas - September 2016

Johanna Spinks paintingA holiday in India is a not just a holiday - it mesmerizes the senses with sights and soundsthat become treasured memories for life... sunset at the Taj Mahal as the setting sun turnsthe Poem to Love a dusky pink; steaming bowls of curry for breakfast on the station at Kalkawaiting for the Toy Train to Shimla......Dawn on the Ganges as the mists swirl and thesonorous chants of Priests echo across the waters."India is also a painter's dream. you will paint in this workshop in a way perhaps you have never done before.. This once in a lifetime workshop will focus on quick sketches 'out and about' of the local sightsand people and even some interiors of the wonderfully historical places we will be staying. You will return home with a perfect paintedrecord/journal of your trip from which you can then make larger paintings at home.

Delhi Amritsar Dharamshala Paragpur Shimla Delhi
16 Days £1,998

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Rocks, Routs & Shoots - Field Trip 2016

leh2From 30 July – 14 August 2016 Led by Heather Kelly & John Macgillivray

John MacGillivray (geologist) and Heather Kelly (ecologist) will lead this tour to Kashmir and Ladakh in August 2016, looking at the geology and ecology of the Indian NW Himalayas and how people live in, and interact with, their fragile environment. John and Heather have, together, taught field science with the Open University for many years, adopting an interdisciplinary approach to link the physical environment with the life which it supports. We will travel through the spectacular landscape of one of the world’s most rapidly growing mountain ranges, from Srinagar to Leh, exploring the unique geology and topography created by the collision of the Indian subcontinent with Eurasia.

London Delhi Srinagar Sonamarg Kargil Leh London
16 Days £2,590

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Forgotten Battle of Kohima

KolkataIt was on Kohima Ridge in 1944, that the invasion of India by the Japanese Imperial Army was halted by the bravery of a small garrison of just 1500 British and Indian soldiers, who, although outnumbered by about 10:1, held out for 14 days, until relieved by the British 2nd Division. We are delighted to offer this tour working with Bob Cook of Kohima Musuem. With access to original maps, operational and personal accounts, the Battlefield tour will give you a view of the battle from the perspective of the soldier in the trench, to the battalion commander up to the Divisional and Corps commanders. We hope you will be able to join us on this tour.

London Kolkata Kohima Kolkata London 
9 Days From £1,780

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Beach Stay

Beach-stayindusexperiences destinations offer guests the choice of some of the world’s most beautiful beaches… to spend lazy days on sun kissed shores framed by whispering palms and lulled to sleep by the gentle sigh of the breaking waves. Ngapali Beach on the Bay of Bengal in Myanamar is such a dream ….in Sri Lanka unwind at Arugam Bay with its fine surf. India spoils you for choice - Marari, Kerala, Gopalpur on Sea, Orissa and….the golden shores of Goa …try Nha Trang for diving and luxurious beach spas in Vietnam; for miles of endless sands head for the Cambodian islands or chic Sihanoukville …. bask on the exotic shores of Thailand or the stunning coral fringed beaches of the Maldives


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wildlifeThroughout all our destinations indusexperiences offers guests fascinating insights into the flora and fauna of the chosen country. Imagine seeing a rare Bengal Tiger in the wild Sunderbans of India, an Irrawaddy Dolphin on its famed namesake River....or perched up high in a howdah, atop a stately elephant, trek through the jungle of the Royal Chitwan in Nepal ‘shooting’ the cantankerous one horned Rhino! As with all tours wildlife wonders can be tailored into your itinerary - perhaps an afternoon to the Sri Lankan Sinharaja Rain Forest or see white-handed Gibbons in the Khao Yai National Park in Thailand.…..Specialist tours for Birders are led by leading experts.



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River Cruising

River-cruiseRiver Boats give a totally different perspective of a country to the traveller….life slows down as days laze into one another….but all is not relaxation! Excursions include exciting mini voyages of discovery - including tiger spotting, bird watching, local sightseeing and cultural highlights. All the boats are luxuriously outfitted - many rekindling the days of colonial splendour. Discover the Mekong River - the lifeblood of the land and visit incredible Angkor Wat. Cruise the Irrawaddy, to see magnificent teak Monasteries and solid gold pagodas. In India travel the mighty Brahmaputra; sail down the Hugli River between Calcutta and the Ganges, or relax aboard 'kettuvallam' - traditional rice barges in Kerala.


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Luxury Trains

Eastern--Oriental-Express1Thunder across the vastness of the Indian plains in a leviathan crossing the mighty continent - first class of course! Chug up the precipitous mountain sides in tiny toy trains for thrilling experiences but be sure not to miss the sheer luxury and decadence of the Indian Royal Trains where elegance and extravagance are by words! Relax on the unique ‘Palace on Wheels’ exploring the heritage of regal Rajasthan or slightly off the beaten track take the luxurious ‘Deccan Odyssey’ to discover the rich cultural heritage of Goa and Maharashtra. Not to be missed is The Epic Thailand journey on the Eastern & Orient Express in opulent splendour through Thailand.



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