Haveli Dharampura

Haveli Dharampura, Old Delhi

A one-of-its-kind experience awaits you at Haveli Dharampura. Step into a time capsule from the Mughal era through the architectural beauty and grandeur of Haveli Dharampura.

Indulge in comfort, luxury and relaxation at the beautiful Haveli restored from the brink of dereliction. Be transported to olden times as you walk through the cusp-arched gateway to a serene hideaway in the heart of Old Delhi. There is an intricate use of stone brackets, balconies, jharoka, and multi foliated arched gateway and arches, carved sandstone facades, wooden doorways. The traditional style of construction with lakhori bricks, wooden joists roofing with lime concrete flooring and use of arches for spanning gives a distinct architectural contribution to the period. No wonder the Haveli was awarded UNESCO’s Asia-Pacific Award for Cultural Heritage Conservation. Rest and rejuvenate in the Indian boutique-style rooms equipped with all modern amenities.

Delight in the sights and sounds of old Delhi. Explore the bazaars lined with colourful shops. Lose yourself in the aromas of mouthwatering food. Enjoy unique experiences such as kite-flying, pigeon flying, live classical music or dance performances at the property.

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I thoroughly enjoyed my tour of Gujarat and congratulate you on the itinerary and organisation. My driver Babu and guide Bheru were both outstanding, I learned a great deal about Gujarat which I had always imagined was mainly desert. The hotel/palace accommodation was superb, once of twice the suites were the size of a footprint of a house! The food was excellent throughout, I had…

G Ashby - India Holiday