Heritance Kandalama

Conceptualized by Geoffrey Bawa, world renowned architect, the Heritance Kandalama, described by one as a giant belvedere, is not a building to look at, but rather a building to look from. Built in a minimalist and contemporary style, the hotel sits on a rocky outcrop on the edge of an ancient reservoir and enjoys sweeping views of the surrounding countryside including two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the 1st Century BC Dambulla rock temple and the 5th Century AD Sigiriya Rock Temple. The hotel itself is surrounded by beautiful naturally landscaped gardens, and is a haven for over 160 species of migratory birds. The Heritance Kandalama has 152 rooms divided into 8 categories along with 15 suites located in the Sigiriya and Dambulla wings.

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You should by now have received the feedback form, but I thought I would complement that with an e-mail. We had another really good Indus experience. All the locations had a lot to offer in the time we were there and so we got to see much of what we wanted and a very pleasant time  Krabi to conclude.

All the hotels were excellent - the…

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