Hotel De La Opera

Set in the historic quarter of the city this unique hotel recreates the ambience of an evening at the Opera. Lavish silks, polished wooden floors and flamboyant furnishings abound. Dine in thr sophisticated Satine or the laid back Lautrec. While away the night at La Fée Verte. Indulge in a massage or sauna in the Spa and relax by the pool.

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What our clients say

It is with much gratitude & appreciation to yourself from my Mother, and myself for our wonderful 'holiday', more an 'experience', that you receive this communication.

The itinerary was excellent, although very busy, but if we had not more or less stuck to the itinerary we would not have seen as much as we did!! As I mentioned to you on the phone, we did…

Cynthia, McManus and of course Hazel - Sri Lanka Holiday