The Lantern

With just six rooms, Lantern feels more like a private home than a hotel – that is, if your home boasts panoramic sea views, a 23-metre long freshwater swimming pool and a team of smiling staff on hand to attend to your every wish. Add to this idyllic picture a deserted stretch of white-sand beach, contemporary style rooms all of which enjoy sea views and mouth-watering meals on par with a city restaurant. What’s not to like.

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What our clients say

I thoroughly enjoyed my tour of Gujarat and congratulate you on the itinerary and organisation. My driver Babu and guide Bheru were both outstanding, I learned a great deal about Gujarat which I had always imagined was mainly desert. The hotel/palace accommodation was superb, once of twice the suites were the size of a footprint of a house! The food was excellent throughout, I had…

G Ashby - India Holiday