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Indus Experiences Alumni tours, exclusive to Oxford and Cambridge Alumni, are sought out by the academic cognoscenti. Small groups, led by eminent academics, explore the diversity of the the country we visit, making a journey of fascinating cultural and academic discovery. The tours are an eclectic mix of topics, perfect to assist studies, to grow in knowledge and absorb the wonders of life.

In 2021, delve into the fabulous and fascinating history of India on India's Glorious History Led by Dr Rima Hooja. Traveling in the footsteps Rudyard Kipling, try your luck at spotting Balo and Sher Khan in 2 of India's National Parks whilst learn about Kipling's life and work on our 2021 "Kipling & The Jungle Book" Tour.  Join Professors Mike Searle and David Gellner lead an exciting tour to Nepal in 2021 to discover the Geology of the region and in 2022 a rare opportunity for amateur geologists to explore the landscapes  and geology of Oman led by Professors Mike Searle and Bruce Levell.

It’s not all work on these tours as time is given to savour the highlights of the areas visited. For further information and arranging a new tour to suit specific interests please call 020 8901 7320.

There are occasionally places available for non-Oxford and Cambridge Alumni. Please contact 020 8901 7320 for further information.

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I thoroughly enjoyed my tour of Gujarat and congratulate you on the itinerary and organisation. My driver Babu and guide Bheru were both outstanding, I learned a great deal about Gujarat which I had always imagined was mainly desert. The hotel/palace accommodation was superb, once of twice the suites were the size of a footprint of a house! The food was excellent throughout, I had…

G Ashby - India Holiday