•  The indus experience

    The indus experience

    Discover the indus experience - a collection of carefully crafted holidays designed with you in mind - offering you an outstanding selection of individual and group tours from our exclusive brochures. We also specialise crafting tailor-made experiences for discerning travellers. Our expertise has been recognised with our numerous awards for excellence.

    " Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. " - Mark Twain

  • Experts in tailor-made holidays

    Experts in tailor-made holidays

    Indus tailor-made experiences are just that. Personalised experiences designed solely for our guests to savour and enjoy. A Specialist Consultant based in Harrow, London will be dedicated to you - listening and advising on how to craft your dream tailor- made holiday to our captivating destinations: backed by 25 years of bespoke tour operations indus works with you to create a holiday to suit your interests and your budget.
  • Outstanding collection of holidays

    Outstanding collection of holidays

    The indus experience collection of tours is a perceptively created compilation designed to maximise your experience in your chosen country. Each tour has been thoroughly tried, tested and continually updated to ensure an unforgettable indus experience. Choose a brochure tour or a tailor- made experience to India, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Indochina, Thailand or North Africa. Our specialist portfolio offers a range of indus experiences including art, wildlife, culinary, skiing in Kashmir, golf and Remembrance tours.
  • Travel inspirations

    Travel inspirations

    Looking for inspirations for you holiday? Let our range of selective journeys from Indus Experiences inspire you! View our travel inspirations brochures to help you to create your tailor-made journey in Burma, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, River Cruising, India, Bhutan or Nepal.
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Laos-dLaos – the hidden gem of the region is after years of unrest and uncertainty like a chrysalis slowly emerging from its cocoon - revealing its stunning beauty. It’s a country overflowing with spectacular sights, glorious scenery, mouth-watering food and truly delightful people. Wandering mists drift slowly across high mountain peaks. The silence of the dawn is broken by the sound of chanting, as Monks leave their morning prayers and go in search of alms in the towns and villages. Their saffron robes shimmer, in the suns first rays. Mysterious plains are scattered with ancient relics. Mighty rivers, with small isolated villages dotting the banks, constantly fight back the verdant jungle, encroaching, on their already fragile ecological existence. Life is slow. Life is traditional. No mad rush here – the Laotians are laid back. Laos is still unspoilt – a gentle country with an ageless charm– and, relatively speaking - still ‘off the beaten track’ of mainstream tourism. However, for many, this lack of sophistication is the attraction of Laos, with the genuine warmth and hospitality of the people.

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Vietnam-MVietnam is compellingly beautiful with soaring forest covered mountain peaks: the mighty Mekong River coursing the land – the lifeblood and very essence of the country. Halong Bay’s towering limestone Islands – are almost impossibly beautiful whilst the picture perfect beaches are tropical delights. There’s still a strong French influence with wonderful old Colonial architecture and the smell of baguettes mingling alongside the luscious aromas of Vietnam’s cuisine. Ancient towns – Hoi An and Hue – are still sleepy and move at a slower pace contrasting with the vivacity and exuberance of Ho Chi Minh City and the more relaxed style of Hanoi. Memories of a poignant past still linger, but the gracious and relaxed Vietnamese have moved on: building for the future and creating a vibrant economy.


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BhutanThe Land of the Thunder Dragon, cradled in the heart of the massive Himalayan ranges, is steeped in rich tradition, spirituality and culture. A magical, mysterious land with an almost Medieval feel in the towns festooned with elaborate and gaily painted house facades. Monasteries cling precariously on sides of impossibly steep rocky outcrops, glacial valleys bisect the land and the alpine meadows are ablaze with colour in the spring. Prayer flags flutter in the breeze whilst prayer wheels whirl and echo to the sound of the devout chanting. Monasteries and Stupas bejewel the landscape - here religion is a Living faith.



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NepalWeaves a web of enchantment, overwhelming the senses with spell binding beauty…the stunning magnificence of the Durbar Square in Kathmandu, glorious Newari Medieval architecture in Bhadgaon and Swayambhunath Buddhist Temple crowned by its golden spire. Nevertheless nature surpasses these gems: as early morning mists slowly waft from the deep valleys a landscape framed by majestic Himalayan Mountains, their peaks snow bound and glowing softly in the dawn drift into view: precipitous slopes, covered with forest or high pasture, with Yaks lazily grazing, feast the eyes: in the distance tortuous tracks lead to spectacular trekking country, and, deep in the jungle Rare Bengal Tiger grace the Chitwan National Park with one horned rhino and leopard.


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BurmaMyanmar, or Burma as it was once known, is a land of culture and ancient beliefs it’s a destination to be absorbed, slowly and without haste. Time is not important here. Wherever you look there’s sure to be a Temple or Pagoda. Indeed, Myanmar’s ‘must see’ sites are a reflection of the country’s soul – exquisite Temples and Pagodas glorifying the Gods and ancient Rulers – no one can fail to be enchanted by the incredible complex on the dusty Bagan plain or Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon. The scenery is outstanding scenery- from windswept mountains ranges to golden gentle shores on the Bay of Bengal. The mighty Ayeyarwaddy (Irrawaddy) River is the lifeblood of the country – a river ‘superhighway’ – perfect for a lazy boat cruise to feel the pulse of the land.


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IndochinaCambodia, Laos and Vietnam are blessed with ancient cultures, outstanding scenery and wonderful welcoming people: the true soul of these far off lands is viewed through their magnificent treasures – man made and uniquely created by nature: the mighty Mekong River – the lifeblood of so many nations. Who cannot fall under the spell of the incomparable Cambodian Angkor Wat Temples, the ancient streets of old Hoi An in Vietnam, be intrigued by the mysterious Plain of Jars in Laos, or delight in the breath-taking beauty of Vietnams Halong Bay? Each country is unique. Pride is taken in maintaining cherished traditions: whilst quietly moving into the modern world.



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Sri Lanka

Sri-lankaAyubowan! Taprobane comes alive as a new day dawns: the ancient cities of Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura shake off the dewdrops and rise in majestic splendour: vast white painted Dagoba sparkle in the dancing sunbeams…..wherever you look, the enigmatic smile of the Lord Buddha welcomes one and all. High in the Hill Country, bathed in hues of emerald green, tea pickers pluck the delicate buds of tea. At Sigiriya the delectable frescoes of lovely Maidens transcend heaven and earth; in Kandy the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic stands resolute. Herds of elephant, buffalo and shy leopard roam the Wildlife Parks, whilst offshore whales and dolphins grace the shimmering seas.


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IndiaA holiday in India is a not just a holiday - it memorises the senses with sights and sounds that become treasured memories for life….sunset at the Taj Mahal as the setting sun turns the Poem to Love a dusky pink; steaming bowls of curry for breakfast on the station at Kalka waiting for the Toy Train to Shimla......Dawn on the Ganges as the mists swirl and the sonorous chants of Priests echo across the waters. Tigers in Ramthanbore: Lion in Sassan Gir: Gangetic Dolphins on the Brahmaputra……….memories are made of this! Discover India with one of our outstanding selection of tours.



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