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Hidden behind snowy Himalayan peaks and sandwiched between the giants of India and China is one of the world’s best kept secrets, Bhutan. Ancient temples filled with incense, soaring mountains, rolling lush green valleys, colourful festivals and a nation built on ‘Gross National Happiness’ it’s like nowhere else on earth. From visits the remote monasteries and spiritual temples, to trekking the wondrous Himalaya and mountainous pastures. Travelling into the mystical land of Bhutan is a rare pleasure. We have carefully chosen some special experiences that could be included to your holiday to make your journey through the Land of the Thunder Dragon a memorable one.


Traditional Mask Dance & Cultural Show

All Bhutanese art, dance, drama and music has its roots in the Buddhist religion. The music of Bhutan is an integral part of its culture and plays a leading role in transmitting social values. Traditional Bhutanese music includes a spectrum of subgenres, ranging from folk to religious song and music. Dances are performed wearing ornate costumes and masks; the each aspect dance has a symbolic meaning.


Dinner With Local Family

In the evening savour specially organized traditional welcome dinner with local family where you will not only savour the local delicacies but also experience & exchange views on the Bhutan’s unique cultural and traditional values. Bhutanese food is heavily seasoned with red chilies and can be quite hot. Tasty and fiery ‘Emma Datshi’ made with chilies and local Bhutanese cheese is the national dish of Bhutan. To give it a more authentic look, traditional Bhutanese Dress can be hired for the event.


Tshewang Ceremony

Puja (Prayer) aiming at peace, prosperity and happiness can be organised at a monastery in Paro/Thimphu. This is a special prayer ceremony held at monastery by a team of monks for the peace, prosperity and good health, guests are required to lit butter lamp at monastery alter.


Archery – The National Sport

Archery is the national sport of Bhutan and every village has its own archery range. High spirited competitions are a part of all festive occasions. Using bamboo bows (although modern compound bows are now common in cities) team of archers shoot at targets only 30 centimeters in diameter from a distance of 120 meters. Each team has a noisy crowd of supporters who, as well as encouraging their own side, try to put off the opposition. Archery competition are among the most picturesque and colorful events in the country and are the integral part of all festivities. Inter-village rivalry is common throughout the Kingdom and this rivalry is no more fiercely expressed than during annual archery tournaments. They are generally held at Losar (Bhutanese New Year) but smaller competitions are held throughout the year.


River Rafting – Pho Chu And Mo Chu Rivers

Mo chu river originating in the mountainous hills of Northern Bhutan and Pho Chu river fed by Glaciers in upper Punakha glacial valley offer tremendous rafting opportunity. The Pho Chu river, with its approx 16 km course with about 15 rapids of class 2-4 and Mo Chu river with 10 Km course with 10 rapids of class 2 - 2+ are chosen for white water rafting in Bhutan. After the confluence of these two rivers near Punakha Dzong, the main river is known as Puna Tsang chu which offers even more exciting river run acknowledged mostly for its culturally stimulating and exciting rapids. During this meticulously organized river rafting trip, you journey through the most scenic and secluded miles featuring incredibly blue water, breath-taking alpine scenery, sighting world’s rarest birds and amazing rapids on the backdrop of striking 17th century Punakha Dzong.


Visit a Traditional Farm House

The beauty of Bhutan is embellished by cluster of quaint farm houses. Bhutanese farm houses are very colorful, decorative and traditionally built with mud and stones and without the use of single nail. All houses follow the same architectural pattern. A visit to Farm House & interaction with locals is very interesting and offers a good glimpse into the lifestyle of village folks. Tea / Coffee with local family, during this visit is also provided.


Traditional Bhutanese Hot Stone Bath

The traditional Bhutanese hot stone bath, known as Dotsho in local language has been practiced in Bhutan for centuries as a medicinal soak. Many Bhutanese believe that the bath helps in curing joint pains, helps in relaxing and other medical problems. River stones are heated and then put in water to heat the water; sometime medicinal herbs are added to the water before it is ready for the soak.


Thimphu’s Weekend Market

Visit to Thimphu’s Weekend Market (Centennial Farmers Market). This Market was built in the year 2008 coinciding with the coronation of Bhutan’s Fifth King. Most of the Thimphu’s population and many valley dwellers converge on the bustling weekend market, held down by the river. A wide range of foodstuffs and local arts and crafts are sold at the market. A visit to the market provides great photo opportunities, as well as the chance to mingle with local people and perhaps buy souvenirs. This market is organized on Friday, Saturday, Sundays.


Royal Botanical Park

Situated at an altitude range of 2100 meters – 3800 meters, the park covers an area of 47 square kilometers and is located between Thimphu and Punakha. The park contains a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna and features a huge species of plants and animals including endangered species such as Himalayan yew, native Rhododendron, Royal Bengal Tige, Musk Deer, Red Panda, Blood pheasants and Himalayan Monal. You can also find Tetracentron (an ancient relict angiosperm with no vessel in its trunk) in the park. The park has 14.5 km of trails for eco trek for cycling and walking and one of the main attractions is the rhododendron garden including a picnic spot with children’s play ground.

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