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Myanmar, or Burma as it was once known, is a land full of culture and ancient beliefs. It is a destination to be absorbed, slowly and without haste. Time is not important here. Gradually emerging from a troubled history, the country has, unshakably, held firm to its strong Buddhist beliefs. Its unique ambience harks back to more tranquil times and it continues to capture the hearts and minds of travellers as it has done for centuries. Burma (Myanmar) holds endless wonders, waiting to be revealed. Myanmar is referred to Amarapura, the Land of Immortality, and Yadanarbon, the Land of the Gems. Today it is known as Suvanabhomi, the Golden Land. Experience the rich heritage and natural resources of Myanmar with our Selective Journeys, and you will see just why these titles are such a true reflection of this fascinating land.

High Tea At The Strand

Transport yourself into the days of Colonial Yangon when Rudyard Kipling and Somerset Maugham stayed at the iconic Strand Hotel with an unforgettable afternoon tea experience. The elegant colonial building retains is grandeur, with high ceilings, slow moving fans and classic rattan furniture. Enjoy a full, British-style ‘high tea’ or opt for the Myanmar high tea at the atmospheric Strand Cafe. The western version features small sandwiches, pastries and other sweets while the local version offers gourmet spring rolls, local-style cakes and traditional light bites. The presentation is immaculate with silver multi-tiered trays and fine china.

The Mandalay Tea Shop Tour

The Mandalay Tea Shop tour is all about trying out authentic local food in the tea shops that abound in Myanmar. Scattered all over the city, the tea shops are where locals sit hunched over a steaming cup of sweet tea and fresh snacks, gossiping, catching up with friends or reading the daily paper. Travel on a classic Mandalay rickshaw to explore the best snacks that Mandalay has to offer. From the famous morning noodle dish mohinga, to Myanmar pancake, samosa, Mandalay salad, Shan noodles and numerous sweet snacks that will leave you with a firm understanding of why Myanmar people walk around with a smile on their face all day. Resident food enthusiasts will explain the detail and some of the secrets behind this delicious food. There is no need to pedal, your rickshaw chauffeur will take you from place to place so that you only have to worry about the eating not the pedalling. If you love sampling local food this trip will no doubt delight your taste buds.

What our clients say

Just a quick note to say thank you for organising a really fantastic trip. We all enjoyed Nepal immensely (apart from the Roads!), and my trip to Rajasthan was a real pleasure in every way. Thank you very much indeed, and I would be grateful if you would let your partners in those countries how much we appreciated their services!

Antony Perkins - India & Nepal Holiday