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An introduction to Selective Journeys

"So far as I am able to judge, nothing has been left undone, either by man or nature, to make India the most extraordinary country that the sun visits on his rounds. Nothing seems to have been forgotten, nothing overlooked." - Mark Twain

Indus Experiences is pleased to offer some Selective Journeys which are greatly missed amidst the normal run of the mill sightseeing’s. These journeys enhance your overall travel experience in India.


Bustling Bazaar of Old Jodhpur

On this fascinating leisurely Bazaar Walk explore the vibrant shops and stalls selling virtually anything you want! Spices, groceries, specialist stalls selling local milk or cheese, tie & dye textiles, jewellery shops, leather outlets, lacquer makers... Also sample some of the local food delicacies including Misri Mawa and Lassi. Led by experienced and enthusiastic guides meet the warm and hospitable locals.


Brahmins & The Blue City Walking Tour

On this carefully designed walking tour, taking roughly 2 ½ hours, dive deep into the heart of Jodhpur to discover the lesser known treasures of this enchanting city. Listen to fascinating legends from the past, peep into the life of locals… meeting and interacting with some of the city’s residents, wander through narrow alleyways dotted with Indigo coloured houses. Led by our experts this walking tour offers a great insight into majestic Marwar.



Steeped in history Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) is the capital of India's West Bengal State. Kolkata was the first trading post in India founded in 1977 by the East India company before it was moved it to Delhi in 1911.  Take a guided walk which delve deep into the legacy of the British Raj and looks at modern India……the architecture is stunning and the stories behind the building quite fascinating. Visit The South Park Street Cemetery. The grandest cemetery in South Asia, South Park Street predates Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris by half a century. Opened in 1767 on what was then the outskirts of the city, it was already full by the early 19th century. The great and the good of old Calcutta are here – Sir William Jones, the Hon. George Monson and his wife Lady Anne, Rose Aylmer, the muse of Walter Savage Landor, Henry de Rozario, the celebrated Anglo-Indian poet, and many more.


The Path Of Knowledge

This is an intriguing walk, led by experienced guides from the Department of Tourism walking the main sights of knowledge in Calcutta (Kolkata). Places to see include: College Street, the Medical College – Calcutta University – Ashutosh Museum – Mirzapur Street eateries where walkers can stop for a delicious snack – Radhanath Mullick lane – College Square – Mahabodhi Society – Sanskrit College - here the great educationist and reformer, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, served as the illustrious principal – Presidency College – Old Bookshops where some very interesting books can found and if desired purchased and finally College Street Market.


The Dalhousie Square

Led by an experienced guide from the Department of Tourism, the area near and around Dalhousie Square provide one of the most interesting walks through the 18th - 19th C. history and architecture of Kolkata.The tour walks via Bhawan – Treasury Building – St. John’s Church – Secretariat Offices – Kolkata GPO & Postal Museum – Collectorate Building – Writers Building , the seat of the State Government – St. Andrew’s Kirk; the Scots in the East India Company brought their 'rivalry' with the English to the banks of the Hooghly, when their own Kirk was built in 1818 by Messrs Burn, Currie & Co, its steeple was higher than that of the English Church at St John's! – Old Currency Building – Central Telegraph Office and finally ends at the Great Eastern Hotel.



Step outside the tourist box and see the real sights and sounds of this famous city. Mumbai has many different faces... it’s the Indian financial capital as well as the centre for the flamboyant Bollywood films.


Mumbai By Dawn

Dawn start to this walk to see the great city awakening from its slumbers. It’s an amazing experience seeing hundreds of newspaper vendors sort out newspapers in 7 different languages, watching a fish auction as the nights catch is landed, visit the vibrant coloured herb market, see the milkmen drive past with their canisters, visit the colourful flower and vegetables markets filled with produce all ready for the start of the Mumbai shopping day. Mumbai by dawn truly defines the mercurial character of Mumbai.


The Worli Fishing Village

Nestled in an area dotted by State-of-the architectural wonders and towering sky- scrapers, there has existed for over 600 years the quaint and picturesque Worli Fishing Village. Nothing has changed since the time of the first settlement – be it the way they make their nets, catch the fish, do their business, follow their beliefs, customs or age-old traditions. This tour gives a window-seat into the lives of the people, transporting the visitor to a land of stories... legends and the folklore of superstitions. Also walk inside the Worli Fort... lost in the pages of history... This British watch tower still stands tall, overlooking the beautiful Arabian Sea. From the top see the architectural masterpiece – Bandra Worli Sea link, and a birds –eye view of the vintage village.


For God’s Sake – The Religious Sojourn

Mumbai is a city of diversity in terms of its people and the unique traditions and cultures they follows. Over the years the city has welcomed people of different races, religion and cultures with open arms living up to the noble ideal of Athithi Devo Bhavo - which means ‘the guest is like God, and need and comforts of the guest is paramount’. This diversity is evident from the myriad places of worship present in the city. The tour ‘For God’s Sake’ takes participants on a Religious trail, experiencing the different religions of Mumbai - Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Christian and Buddhist. This tour gives a deep insight into lives and spiritual beliefs of Mumbai and its people.


Let’s Say Shalom – Jewish Heritage Experience

‘Let’s say Shalom’ is an ode to the two thousand year old Jewish heritage existing in India. This historic experience is a journey through Jewish history, visiting places of Jewish interest in Mumbai. See stunning synagogues, the quaint Sassoon Library and the magnificent Bhau daji Lad Museum. Also visit the beautiful art district of Kala Ghoda, the Dhobi Ghat, the Dabbawalas and drive pass gracious Colonial architectural masterpieces. Optional: Stay for Sabbath prayer or have a Kosher Meal - which need to be arranged in advance. Please note all visits to religious buildings on tours are subject certain restrictions when services are being held. Alternative venues are selected if visiting at those times.

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Firstly let me say that I am back after a most fulfilling and amazing time in India! I have had the most incredible time from start to finish! I explored places, spoke to and interacted with local people, searched palaces, forts and temples, watched birds and short I had the most stunning and memorable holiday of my life! I want to thank you for…

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