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An introduction to Selective Journeys

"So far as I am able to judge, nothing has been left undone, either by man or nature, to make India the most extraordinary country that the sun visits on his rounds. Nothing seems to have been forgotten, nothing overlooked." - Mark Twain

Indus Experiences is pleased to offer some Selective Journeys which are greatly missed amidst the normal run of the mill sightseeing’s. These journeys enhance your overall travel experience in India.

Let’s Say Shalom – Jewish Heritage Experience

‘Let’s say Shalom’ is an ode to the two thousand year old Jewish heritage existing in India. This historic experience is a journey through Jewish history, visiting places of Jewish interest in Mumbai. See stunning synagogues, the quaint Sassoon Library and the magnificent Bhau daji Lad Museum. Also visit the beautiful art district of Kala Ghoda, the Dhobi Ghat, the Dabbawalas and drive pass gracious Colonial architectural masterpieces. Optional: Stay for Sabbath prayer or have a Kosher Meal - which need to be arranged in advance. Please note all visits to religious buildings on tours are subject certain restrictions when services are being held. Alternative venues are selected if visiting at those times.

Tour De’ Art

This tour is an exclusive look into the contemporary art in the city and is individually tailor – made for art lovers. Due to the personalised nature it needs to be booked at least a month in advance in order to arrange meetings with leading figures of the art world, including Museum directors and Private collectors. Tour De’ Art gives an opportunity to experience and engage with contemporary Indian art and the artists whose work has left a lasting imprint in Indian and overseas. Tours are arranged in galleries and in private houses to see some wonderful collections.

Howzaat – For an Experience of Cricket

If you’ve toured India and not experienced the game of cricket then you haven’t yet lived the country! Followed like a religion by billions in India, cricket has its holy precinct in the city of Mumbai. Every day the grounds turn into a melee of whites as thousands of young cricketers play the sport with fervour and unmatched enthusiasm. What better way to experience this madness of cricket than being right in the centre of it all? For newcomers learn the basics of the game, have a coaching lesson, meet the players- even bring your own team and play against the locals ….then relax over lunch. These tours are personalised and can include tickets for games.

Bollywood Buzz – A Filmi Show

Be transported to the magical and enchanting world of Bollywood with a Bollywood Buzz experience. Take a front row seat for 45 minutes of a magical Bollywood extravaganza filled with love, action, drama, romance, colourful costumes, catchy songs and wonderful dance routines. Hero’s, heroines, villains and of course an unexpected twist keeps you glued to your seat. A narrator explains the finer nuances. So put on your dancing shoes and come explore the mystical world of Bollywood with Bollywood Buzz.

Tour of Dharavi Slum

Not perhaps a usual visitor’s tour but this excursion will be compelling and fascinating visiting the proud and industrious area of Dharavi. See where people work, where people live and where people relax - see the vast industrial areas with recycling areas, garment makers, bakeries etc. Also visit the residential areas where whole families live in a small room and the crammed local schools. Some of the areas will be familiar if you’ve seen the film ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, as much of the film was shot in Dharavi.


Most people visit Pushkar for the Fair - an amazing event when people come from far and wide to participate in the ‘Mela’. A complete ‘town’ springs up selling goods to keep the hundreds of thousands of visitors happy! The highlight is the Cattle Fair - the sight and sounds of the innumerable animals milling around is amazing.

Hot Air Ballooning
Take to the sky in a Balloon and witness the melee of cows, camels, buffaloes, goats and donkeys being bought and sold - and don’t forget the milling press of humanity! Watch the crowds jostle for position and their cries as the Camel racing gets under way... then soar above the noise and experience the quiet of the skies gliding silently over the stunning landscape below. Like a small sparkling jewel the Lake at Pushkar stands out amidst the parched lands below.


Ranthambore National Park was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1957, in 1974 it gained the protection of "Project Tiger", and became a National Park in 1981. Here the chances of seeing the tiger are excellent.

Hot Air Ballooning
Soar skywards as the sun's ray warm the land and experience the thrill of a Ballooning ride over the pristine National Park, perhaps glimpsing a shy Tiger hiding in a rocky outcrop or drinking in a stream. Keep an eye out for shy leopards, sambar deer, chital, nilgai, Indian flying foxes and marsh crocodiles as you silently glide by. Soar over the vast Ranthambore Fort- totally stunning in its setting. Indeed the Park is a wildlife enthusiast and photographer's dream.


Shimla still retains a relaxed laid back Colonial air…. high up on the ridge the echoes of the British Raj still rings out loud and strong. The cooler climes are perfectly suited to walking and absorbing the magnificent beauty of the land... leaving Shimla behind glimpses of the snow clad Himalayan peaks tempt walkers and trekkers further afield! Once a summer retreat and ‘capital’ for the British Raj, Shimla Heritage Zone is a walker’s paradise with vignettes of its rich history around every corner. Meander along the Mall stopping by Christ Church, the Gaiety Theatre and the Bandstand. See the lovely ‘Tudor’ buildings and delight in some of the best examples of British architecture of the era. Wander further afield through lanes lined with lofty cedars, rattling oaks and blooming rhododendrons. See the elegant Vice Regal Lodge with its formal gardens.


The Langar experience in the Golden Temple is an extraordinary event to participate in: join with volunteers - devotees and other visitors - in preparing the meals for the followers. The institution of Guru ka Langar a wonderful expression of community service upholding the ‘virtue of sameness’ of all human beings. With a guide to explain the nuances of the Sikh religion, gain an understanding of this unique philosophies. Everyone is welcome to share the Langar and no one is turned away. In the Golden Temple Community Kitchen an average 75,000 devotees or tourists take langar in daily.

Sukh Aasn and Karna Pakash Ceremony at the Golden Temple

With a local guide, explaining the rituals and traditions of the ceremonies, experience the moving observances of the awakening and putting to bed of the Guru Granth Sahib. Sukh Aasn takes place at the end of the day when the Guru Granth Sahib is formally closed for the night, and The Guru Granth Sahib is taken in the golden palanquin (Palki) to the special chamber for its nightly rest. The Karna Pakash is the Opening Ceremony where Guru Granth Sahib, the Holy Book of Sikhs, is ceremonially taken out, symbolically bathed with milk and water and placed on its throne. The book is then instituted for daily public worship at the temple where the Granth is recited all day long to the accompaniment of stringed musical instruments (Kirtans).

What our clients say

Sorry you could not get us in the Maldives but we didn't spend much time in the room, most of it was spent lazing on the sun bed or in the sea, but it was fantastic thank you.

Sri Lanka was absolutely spectacular, we did the rock (all 1,223 steps) the hotels were brilliant especially 98 acres which we wished we could have stayed longer.…

Alan Saunders - Sri Lanka & Maldives Holiday