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    Indochina Experiences

    Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam are blessed with ancient cultures, outstanding scenery and wonderful welcoming people: the true soul of these far off lands is viewed through their magnificent treasures – man made and uniquely created by nature: the mighty Mekong River – the lifeblood of so many nations. Who cannot fall under the spell of the incomparable Cambodian Angkor Wat Temples, the ancient streets of old Hoi An in Vietnam, be intrigued by the mysterious Plain of Jars in Laos, or delight in the breath-taking beauty of Vietnams Halong Bay? Each country is unique. Pride is taken in maintaining cherished traditions: whilst quietly moving into the modern world.
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MONKIndochina is one of the last secrets of Asia, a delicate flower unfurling its exquisite petals to the world after many years of hibernation. As with all ‘indus experiences’ a selection of carefully created tours showcase the best of Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, allowing the visitor time to take in each country and culture. All are quite perfect destinations - holidays alive with discovery, culture and new adventures in distant lands. Each has been designed to allow travellers to absorb the flavour and gain an understanding of some of the world’s most beautiful and enigmatic countries – waiting to be discovered and savoured.

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angkor- with boatCambodia is still a land wreathed in mystery and land shrouded with secrets still to be discovered: a land where one of the world’s most awesome monumental complexes cannot fail to take the breathe away – Angkor Wat – the Jewel in the crown of ancient and modern Cambodia – a glory of ruins dedicated to the Gods. Close by other wonders await: including the Banteay Srei - The Citadel of Women, and the Beng Melea an 11th C. Temple built, by Suryavarman II. A new Cambodia, with warm and friendly people, is slowly emerging from the tears of its troubled past and welcoming visitors to explore the beautiful country, so rich in history and culture.

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man-in-field-vietnamVietnam is compellingly beautiful with soaring forest covered mountain peaks: the mighty Mekong River coursing the land – the lifeblood and very essence of the country. Halong Bay’s towering limestone Islands – are almost impossibly beautiful whilst the picture perfect beaches are tropical delights. There’s still a strong French influence with wonderful old Colonial architecture and the smell of baguettes mingling alongside the luscious aromas of Vietnam’s cuisine. Ancient towns – Hoi An and Hue – are still sleepy and move at a slower pace contrasting with the vivacity and exuberance of Ho Chi Minh City and the more relaxed style of Hanoi.

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LaosLaos – the hidden gem of the region is after years of unrest and uncertainty like a chrysalis slowly emerging from its cocoon - revealing its stunning beauty. It’s a country overflowing with spectacular sights, glorious scenery, mouth-watering food and truly delightful people. The silence of the dawn is broken by the sound of chanting, as Monks leave their morning prayers and go in search of alms in the towns and villages. Their saffron robes shimmer, in the suns first rays. Mysterious plains are scattered with ancient relics. Mighty rivers, with small isolated villages dotting the banks, constantly fight back the verdant jungle.

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