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High up in the Himalayas, framed by majestic Himalayan peaks, lies a place of magic and mystique, place of time worn temples and pagodas, stunning walking trails through the Rhododendron forests -among the lofty peaks, home of Buddhism, century old Royal Palaces and of course the famous Gurkha warriors! A land of geographic icons, historic adventurers and monumental landscapes; the country is a treasure trove of Medieval Architecture and deep Spiritual meaning. Nepal sits in the shadow of Everest but shines with myriad treasures. Nature lovers have so much choice - Chitwan National Park is a UNESCO natural treasure – home to one of the last populations of single-horned Asiatic rhinoceros and the majestic Bengal tiger. Birders have a paradise – with over 800 species documented! Nepal’s vibrant cities are filled with art and culture and simple villages preserving an ancient way of life make Nepal a constant source of inspiration for curious globetrotters in search of enlightening experiences. Our selection of Selective Journeys capture the real essence of what Nepal has to offer and will make your holiday to this majestic land a little bit special.


Bird Watching In Nepal

Nepal’s varied elevations support more than 850 species of birds, or about 10 percent of the world’s total species. No wonder Bird watching is one of the famous recreational tours in Nepal. The variety of habitation such as wetlands, tropical, subtropical forests makes sure that around 500 species of birds can be sighted within the Kathmandu valley and surrounding forest alone and more than 450 species of birds have been spotted in Chitwan National Park, while the Koshi Tappu Wetlands has been designated Asia’s finest bird watching site. The Mai Valley and Tamur Valley in east Nepal, Lumbini in central Nepal, and Dang Valley in the west are also good locations to sight exotic birds including the spiny babbler which is unique to Nepal as it has yet to be spotted outside this country. As bird watching becomes immensely popular, specialized bird-watching tours are offered in the different national parks and wildlife reserves.

The Essence of Nepal Day 5

Chitwan National Park Safari

Chitwan National park is a UNESCO protected World Heritage Site and is renowned for its Rhino sightings in great numbers. Taking an jeep safari through the idyllic maze of the park is one of the most treasured and sought after adventures. The day starts with an early rise with the sun to watch animals, big and small, start their daily routine. Guided by an expert naturalist, learn how the interaction of flora and fauna create the ecosystems of the Park. With mixed vegetation of Savannah, Riverine and Sal forest, Chitwan is Nepal’s most visited National Park and a haven for wild life aficionados. The various animal in the park are the one-horned rhinoceros, several types of deer, monkeys, wild boar, bison, sloth bear, leopard and, if lucky, the Royal Bengal tiger. It is a truly soothing experience where, surrounded by beautiful scenery, one can be at peace with nature.


Boat Safari

A boating expedition down the Narayani River in Chitwan is a soothing experience and there is no alternate experience to canoeing towards a confluence of three rivers for a sundowner. Cruising on the wide expanse of the river, pockets of rapids propel the boats along, as gentle waves lap at the sides. Sitting inside a hand-carved canoe, keep your eyes peeled for a variety of birdlife and wildlife. Top of the list are the endangered fish-eating Gharial crocodile and its more sinister relative, the Marsh-Muggger. With its brown, earthen coloured scales cleverly camouflaged on the banks, the Marsh-Mugger is both a challenge and a treat to spot. As the Narayani River is the natural border between the National park and the surround villages, boating trips will also give guests a glimpse into village life. Watch local fisherman as they skillfully go about their daily work, or find children play on the banks above.


The Views Of Dhulikhel

Dhulikhel is considered as one of the best viewpoints for capturing best panoramic snow-capped mountain views. Viewpoint at Dhulikhel village offers Himalayan ranges stretching from Mt. Annapurna in the far west to Mt. Karolung in the Far East. It is an ancient town which exhibits the centuries old temples, shrines, monasteries and traditionally crafted windows and houses. Hiking towards Namo Buddha through balthali village is equally mesmerizing which is the scared place for Buddhists. Dhulikhel also connects with Tibetan border through tatopani which is famous for natural hotspring spas, ideal place for relaxing and reenergizing yourself. There is also an option to hike back into another culturally rich Panauti village mostly inhabited by Newars communities.


An Ultralight Experience

The Pokhara Valley – one of the most picturesque spots of Nepal is enhanced by its lovely lakes Phewa, Begnas, and Rupa. At an altitude of 827 m from sea-level, it offers magnificent views of Dhaulagiri (8,167m), Manaslu (8, 128m), Machhapuchhre (6,997m) and the five peaks of Annapurna. Nowhere else on earth can you get so close (25 miles) to so many peaks that exceed 22,000 feet thus offering a perfect place for your ultralight experience.This flight takes you close to the Mount Fishtail foothills with the speed of approximately 90 km/hr. The views are simply superb and the flight leaves you feeling exhilarated. A typical flight involves 30 minutes of soaring through the sky over and around the Pokhara Valley with the mountains and as Phewa Lake and other interesting sights. Capture all of your flight memories with your camera and without a window impairing your view or your camera’s view.


Paragliding Over Pokhara

One of Pokhara’s famous view point is Sarangkot now a world-class paragliding spot & an amazing place to experience paragliding for the first time. This spectacular spot is 2000ft above and overlooks the Pokhara valley, with 3 of the highest mountains in the world - Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Manasulu dominating the skyline to the north. Nothing compares to the feeling of soaring freely with the birds over one of the most picturesque landscapes on earth. Drift gracefully from take-off at Sarangkot (1592m), float over mystery shrouded monasteries, beautiful turquoise lakes and villages forgotten by time. Tandem flying involves a pilot flying with the passenger and are built for comfort and safety, and they feel like an armchair in flight. Once launched the passenger just sits back, relaxes and takes in the epic scenery.

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