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Experience Arabian exoticism and breathtaking natural beauty in a country that blends ancient and modern culture, that is forward-thinking and warmly welcoming, yet also mindful of preserving its unique heritage and natural environment.  Steeped in history, traditions and legend, Oman is one of the safest and most peaceful countries in the world; a land of historic forts and castles, sweeping sand dunes, razor-edged mountains, lush canyons and more than 3,000km of coastline teeming with marine life.

Since the 1970s, under the reign of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, Oman's infrastructure has undergone sensitive and sustainable development, with improved health care and education, and modern conveniences such as electricity and paved roads. Yet, by Royal Decree, no buildings are permitted over 10 stories tall, to preserve the mountainous skyline that surrounds many Omani cities.

One has only to step into the hubbub of a souk, or venture out of the main urban centres, to be immersed in authentic Omani culture and traditions. Stop at a market spice stall and discover the famous frankincense from Salalah - reputedly the world's finest. Oman is one of the few places on earth where frankincense trees are still grown for their prized sap. Or travel into the countryside to meet the Bedouin goatherds, and the villagers who still rely on the sun and stars to regulate their date palm cultivation.

Indus Experiences is pleased to offer some Selective Journeys which are greatly missed amidst the normal run of the mill sightseeing’s. These journeys enhance your overall travel experience in Oman.

Oman- turtle

Wildlife Watching

Witnessing endangered Green Turtle hatchlings on a beach, making their precarious way down to the ocean, is an extraordinary experience that you will never forget. Take a guided excursion at night to the Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve, to see this wonderful spectacle. Or, even better, stay overnight at a local hotel, enjoy an early morning coffee on the sands and assist some baby turtles on their journey to the shoreline. Ras Al Jinz is a fishing village on the shores of eastern Oman and one of the world's largest nesting sites for Green Turtles. The principal nesting season is from July to September, although turtles do come ashore to nest all year round.

Oman remains dedicated to enabling these kind of wildlife encounters, while protecting its native flora and fauna. On and off-shore nature reserves can be found throughout the country, such as the As Saleel Nature Park in the A'Sharqiyah region, which provides a safe haven for the Arabian Gazelle and Omani Wild Cat (Al Senmar), and the Jebel Samhan Nature Reserve, one of the last natural habitats of the wild Arabian Leopard. Bird-watching tours are also available with expert local guides.

Oman-Khareef Season2

Natural Wonders – Moonsoon in the Desert

Visit Salalah during Khareef ('autumn', in Arabic) season, between June and September, and witness a unique natural phenomenon of the Arabian Peninsula. At this time of year, tropical climate conditions dominate the Dhofar region and the rains transform it into a lush oasis of greenery. This spectacular season is celebrated with a festival of traditional performances, regional gastronomy and local handicrafts.

Numerous Wadis (valleys or ravines that are dry, except during the rainy season) can be found across the country. Take a full-day chauffeur-driven excursion by 4x4 to discover the spectacular Wadi Ash Shuwaymiyah. Step into a parallel universe as you experience the extraordinary shapes and colours; stop for a picnic lunch by the waterfall and take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear water of the Wadi.

Hiking enthusiasts won't want to miss Jebel Akhdar, the so-called "Green Mountain" that forms part of the Western Hajar Mountains. Stay in an excellent local hotel and explore the area's deep canyons and abandoned villages. In April, when the region's famed roses are in full bloom, witness the distillation of rose water and breathe in the heady scent.


Heritage & Crafts

Oman places great importance on the preservation of its traditional craftsmanship and cultural heritage. Considerable knowledge and skills have been developed over many centuries, then handed down through generations of artisans. Witness these age-old traditions in practice during your visit to Oman, perhaps at a masterclass or a visit to an artist's studio, then choose a unique, hand-crafted piece as a memento of your journey. From intricate silver jewellery to Omani halwa (traditional confectionery originating from Persia) and earthenware pottery, artisans perpetuate their national traditions by creating unique pieces that can be purchased at the vibrant souks dotted across the country.

The Sultanate's famous Khanjar (dagger) is one of the most culturally significant examples of craftsmanship that you will encounter. The Khanjar is well-documented in historical sources, literature and art, and archaeological discoveries indicate that it has been worn for centuries. Part of traditional dress for men during national events and special occasions, it consists of a belt, handle, blade, scabbard and cover, made from wood, leather, silver and cloth. Be sure to take a close look at the engravings: each design is unique and reflects a connection to the land.

A visit to the ancient port of Sur, on the Gulf of Oman, will provide fascinating insights into the design and building of Dhows (traditional Omani ships) and their historical significance in the ancient Spice Route between Africa and India. You are sure to be inspired by the artistry, hard work and dedication that goes into every build to this day.


The Spirit of Frankincense

Frankincense has been traded from Oman in the southern Arabian Peninsula for more than 5000 years, and was one of the ancient world’s most precious commodities. Given to the infant Jesus, this sacred incense is inextricably entwined in Omani history, and the tour reflects its importance to this once powerful sea-faring nation whose dhows exported it as far as south-east Asia. The finest frankincense in the world still comes from Oman, discover some of the most ancient and fascinating places in the Sultanate linked to the incense follow in the footsteps of the ancient caravan routes and gaining an understanding of how and why, from its source in a scraggy little tree, frankincense became so expensive and famous!

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