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Sri Lanka is a traveller’s delight, with echoes of ancient cities still dominating the pulse of the country. Rich in cultural treasures and breath-taking vistas it never fails to enchant the senses. Serendipity, an ancient name, describes this country to perfection - unexpected discoveries and pleasure. This is what you’ll find in Sri Lanka… lasting memories of incomparable ancient ruined cites and glorious sculptures: luxuriant hues of emerald green Hill Country strewn with Tea Plantations - perilously terraced on steep hill sides. Shores caressed by the translucent waters of the Indian Ocean, fringed with softly murmuring palms. Elephant, buffalo and shy leopard roaming in the Wildlife Parks; and in the turquoise off shore waters memories of awe inspiring whales and dolphins. Sri Lanka has it all - a land of discovery, a land of intense beauty and superb cultural heritage...and a land of welcoming people... Our carefully created Selective Journeys offers that extra special experience that would make your visit to this emerald island a little bit special.


Kitesurfing In Kalpitiya

Kitesurf over the turquoise seas that surrounds this paradise island or skim the waters of a tranquil lagoon. Sri Lanka has excellent kite surfing spots for beginners as well as the more experienced. From May to October, Kalpitiya is the ideal place to get your adrenaline pumping with this extreme sport. A private or group lesson is the best way to inject some extra excitement into your holiday. Equipment including the board, kite, harness, and boots are available for rent. With more than a dozen spots and wind blowing at an average of 18-20 knots 24 hours a day, Kalpitiya kitesurfing is perfect for beginners, freestylers and are ideal for free-ride & wave riding. The Puttalam lagoon is also great for downwind trips.


A View From Above

Soar high in the sky from 500 feet to 2000 feet above untouched wilderness, rock temples and ancient ruins in the Cultural Triangle. A Hot Air Ballooning trip in Sri Lanka is an once-in-a- lifetime experience never to be forgotten! The Cultural Triangle Ballooning Trip starts from the Sigiriya area. A typical trip would start sometime after dawn and last for approximately one hour – depending on the prevailing winds. The exact route of a Hot Air Ballooning flight cannot be predicted as the wind direction must be followed. Ballooning trips are offered daily throughout the season from November to April when the winds are light and the sky at its bluest. The hot air balloon adventure lasts approximately 3 to 4 hours which is followed by a Champagne Breakfast.


Merchants Of The Fort With Juliet Coombe

Take a walking tour of the Galle Fort with author Juliet Coombe, who will take you behind the coral walls of this magical ancient citadel to meet the original merchant families. Let Juliet Coombe, a Galle Fort resident and the author of Around the Fort in 80 Lives, help you discover why Galle was a thriving merchant trading spot for thousands of years. Find out how the largest living fort in Asia was created, using granite ballast from the merchant ships arriving from Europe and coral from the sea. In 1796 Galle was ceded to the British and in 1875 the Galle Fort, due to its precipitous rocks, lost its position as a central power maritime fort to Colombo when its great new port was built and most of the trade moved there.

This fascinating walk of UNESCO listed Historic Galle Fort will take you behind the coral walls of this magical ancient citadel to meet the original merchant families, experience the spice trade first hand and learn how life was during the colonial period. The walk will reveal quirky and extraordinary things about the city built of coral and is still rich with daily rituals that you can experience first hand. Galle, you will quickly discover, is a place that will make you think, laugh, debate, dream, and ponder as you learn what really makes it tick.

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I thoroughly enjoyed my tour of Gujarat and congratulate you on the itinerary and organisation. My driver Babu and guide Bheru were both outstanding, I learned a great deal about Gujarat which I had always imagined was mainly desert. The hotel/palace accommodation was superb, once of twice the suites were the size of a footprint of a house! The food was excellent throughout, I had…

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