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Surf, gently breaking on golden shores; picture perfect offshore islands shaded by swaying palms. Mesmerising mountains soaring to craggy peaks in the north, home to ancient tribal villages clinging to the jungle covered slopes. Dazzling Temples and venerable monuments echo to the sound of Buddhist Monks, chanting to welcome a new day dawning. Bangkok effervesces with life – the pace is fast and furious. But, saying that, turn a corner and find an oasis of calm and tranquillity in one of the many beautiful Temples. Close by, Sukhothai is famed for its glorious classical architecture and Ayuthaya for its eclectic history... Ancient and modern sit contentedly side by side in eclectic Thailand with tradition and modernity subtly entwined.Thailand slowly reveals itself layer by layer. Just when you think you’ve got it covered, another fresh, sometimes wild but always endearing experience unexpectedly encapsulates you. Our Selective Journeys reinvigorate some of the most frequented destinations – putting a new spin on Bangkok while offering new and exciting adventures further north that will enrich your visit to the Land of a Thousand smiles with lasting memories.


Bangkok Nights

Bangkok’s frivolous nightlife is legendary, but many of the most beautiful parts of the City of Angels are overlooked at night. On our Bangkok Night Lights tour, travel to these pulsating places by TukTuk to experience the markets, temples and world famous Thai cuisine under the strings of colorful lights hoisted up by local sellers. The beauty of the city glows as markets come to life and mouth-watering scents fill the air. Many travelers limit their temple visit to daytime hours. We travel to some of Bangkok’s most famous temples at night to to see their glorious roofs shimmer under the moonlight. Visit the 24 hour Flower market where a dazzling variety of flowers literally flood the streets in swathes of color before finally sampling Bangkok’s delicious street food. Not short on choice, walk through the vendors to find a favourite and join the crowds to eat the local way.


Voyage On The River Of Kings

Journey back in time and discover the Chao Phraya River’s majestic wonders. Step aboard an exquisite 100 year old rice barge, meticulously rebuilt from solid teak and lavishly converted to their present splendour. Cruise in comfort and enjoy personalised service, for a once in a lifetime three day voyage along the River of Kings. Pass iconic landmarks such as the Grand Palace, Temple of Dawn and Royal Barges Boat House. Experience age old river life and participate in traditional merit making rituals. Tour a monastery housing Thailand’s largest Buddha image, a summer palace of past Ayutthaya Kings and visit Bang Sai Royal Folk Arts and Craft Centre. Approach one of Thailand’s greatest historical treasures with unique viewing from the cruise’s sun deck and spend time at this glorious UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore first hand Ayutthaya’s archaeological sites and historical religious ruins.


Sunrise Elephant Trek

Asian elephants have roamed the Golden Triangle’s misty jungles for centuries. Connect with these gentle giants in their natural habitat when you embark on a bareback elephant trek to watch the sun rise over the Laos mountains and the Burmese plains. During this extraordinary journey, available only through Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle, you’ll climb atop a majestic Asian elephant before dawn and ride to Camp Peak to welcome the day. A chorus of birds chirp the soundtrack to your expedition, as you discover the power, strength, warmth and intelligence that has earned elephants a sacred post in Thai culture. When you reach the top, the Camp’s highest point, savour a fresh cup of coffee and take in the majestic Golden Triangle views before heading back down the hill to the elephant bathing pool. If you’re willing to get wet, join these gentle giants for a splash – it’s playtime!


The Lanna Kingdom

Chiang Mai has long been heralded as the cultural capital of the north, though a more intense discovery of Thailand’s cultural wonders lie in the provinces surrounding Chiang Mai. We travel out of the city to reveal the rich heritage of the former Lanna Kingdom, following an exciting path through ancient civilizations and historic towns that have stood the test of time. The roads take you through lush open rice plains, framed by rising mountains with spectacular waterfalls. Take a horse cart ride through the ancient city of Lampang, once the capital of the Thai Lanna Kingdoms and amble along the side streets of Phrae and Nan, admiring classic wooden housing and hand-made crafts. Nan has a particularly bountiful history amidst a stunning natural setting. This is a real opportunity to experience the Thailand of yesteryear as life meanders along at a tranquil pace. This four day discovery of the north program also includes a visit to a lesser known hill tribes who reside on the mountain slopes.


A Walk Through Thonburi

Bangkok is a city not only associated with the traditions of Buddhism, it is a city where many cultures and beliefs coexist side by side in harmony. This specially created walking tour visits a stretch of the riverbank on the Thonburi side of the river where many ethnic communities reside close to the Thai temples, Chinese shrines, churches and mosques. Explore the diversity of local groups and their beliefs, revealing how these communities still celebrate various traditions today. Walk through the narrow backstreets and riverside paths, passing the Princess Mother’s Memorial Park, various shrines, mosques and a Portuguese Catholic community famous for its desserts. The tour captivates guests with the beguiling array of livelihoods and traditions on display all around. Finally arrive at the famous Wat Kalayanamit before jumping on a boat and heading back across the river to the famous flower market that never sleeps.

Float Away

The Festival of Light

Visually mesmerizing, the Loi Krathong -- or Loy Krathong -- festival in Thailand is a favorite for visitors and locals alike. Thousands of small, candlelit floats are released on rivers and waterways as offerings to the river spirits. In Chiang Mai and other parts of Northern Thailand, the Loi Krathong festival also coincides with a Lanna festival known as Yi Peng, which involves the launching of thousands of paper lanterns into the air for good luck. Standing on a bridge in Chiang Mai during Loi Krathong and Yi Peng is truly unforgettable as both the river and sky appear on fire at the same time. Adding to the surreal beauty are constant fireworks displays -- both legal and illegal -- that contribute even more fire and brilliant lights to the setting!

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We recently returned from Sri Lanka and wish to thank you for arranging a most enjoyable and informative tour for us. We both greatly appreciated your efficient handling of our booking and the professionalism of all personnel involved with our holiday which enabled us to relax and enjoy our time in this beautiful country. Our driver was always punctual, courteous, and extremely informative with regard…

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