Family History Tours

Family History Tours

A fascinating joint venture between Indusexperiences and BACSA, the British Association for Cemeteries in South Asia aims to use cemeteries as a means of increasing awareness of Britain’s contribution to the sub-continent’s heritage – and, at the same time to help travellers and tourists connect with their own family histories.

To quote: ‘Seeking fame or fortune, Britons first came to India more than 350 years ago. Some returned home as wealthy men. Many others, including soldiers, women and children left their bones here. Discover the life they led before they found their last resting place in India’.

Indusexperiences can arrange a tour, to personal or group specifications, not only for Remembrance of illustrious ancestors, but as a celebration of India and the indelible British link. Please contact Yasin on 020 8901 7320 for further details.

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I write to say what a brilliant holiday we had in India through Indus Tours and Travel. The hotels were excellent, we never had to wait at any time for our representative, transport or guide, Everything went like clockwork !! Well done. Even my wife says 100%!! Thank you for such wonderful service. We'll certainly recommend Indus to our friends.

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