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Shawn Hendricks

Manager Tours Sri Lanka, Indochina, Thailand & Burma

Considered the most relaxed member of the Indus team! A Sri Lankan by birth, I’m told I exude the laidback approach of my countrymen. But don’t be put off by this easy attitude, as behind the smile is a dedicated and professional Travel specialist, with 14 years of experience, waiting to tailor make your dream holiday. An inveterate traveller, I am never happier when given a new country to get under my belt. My expertise lies with Sri Lanka, the Far East, Egypt, Africa & the Middle East. Travel and history are my passion and I have wandered extensively around Asia, North Africa and Australia. Since joining Indus I have visited Egypt, Morocco, Dubai and Kerala and recently returned from extensive tour of Thailand, Vietnam & Cambodia. I enjoy sharing travel experiences with our clients and I am constantly on the lookout for unique experiences to offer in each of my specialist countries – hunting for hidden gems that turn a good holiday into something very special. Planning and designing your itinerary is almost as exciting as the journey itself and I would welcome the opportunity to discuss all your options at our offices.

Please feel free to call me on 020 8901 7320 to arrange an appointment.

What our clients say

We have travelled through lush countryside, past bustling colourful villages and their brightly sari clad ladies, visited the amazing monuments, forts, museums etc. etc. in the cities that date back nearly before history began and learnt so much about India our brains can take no more. We all want to thank you for planning this incredible journey and no doubt will be in touch on…

Rosemary Mansfield - India Holiday