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Anoma Alagiyawadu

Anoma Alagiyawadu

Resident Naturalist and Jetwing’s Cetacean expert has committed his life to the study and preservation of nature. His interest in nature goes back to his childhood, growing up in Kottawa in the Galle region. The lush forest surroundings close to his home provided him much entertainment, and many hours were spent absorbing the wonders around him. “I used to lie on the cool shade of old forest trees and watch the birds, listening to their songs” – this dreamy appreciation grew into a passion, and on to become his career choice and vocation in life. Anoma is currently applying innovative conservations methods to preserve local groups and Rotarians to give presentations on the wildlife of the island. He will be offering these illustrated presentations on several evenings during the tour, to help with identification of some of the more common species, as well as prepare all for specific visits to the reserves found on the tour itinerary. He is a keen photographer and will be happy to advise all on any optical and photographic equipment as well as specific clothing for visits to rain forests etc. He is also an authority on the reptiles, butterflies and mammals of the island and will be able to point these out on our regular walks and visits. He will be using camera during the tour and will be happy to share his resulting bird and mammal photos with all soon after a return to the UK.

What our clients say

Finally got around to writing to thank you for the most amazing trip. Everything, and I mean everything, was spot on. The hotels, flights and transportation was just right. Everyone was were they were supposed to be, on time and very welcoming. All the guides were knowledgeable and made sure we were able to cross the road when required, which in India is not easy.…

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