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Deborah Ratcliffe

Deborah Ratcliffe

I was born a traveller spending formative years in Germany and the Far East….since then I’ve lived way up north on the amazing Shetland islands, deep in the heart of the Emerald Ireland... on a boat in sunny Malta, chilled out on the laid back Caribbean island of Trinidad and was super relaxed in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. Now I live in the heart of he beautiful Aberdeenshire Deeside. Ahhhh... and not forgetting sybaritic journeys in India, Sri Lanka and long spells in Southern Africa.

Not long after indus, as it was then, started up in Harrow I met Yasin, quite by chance, at a Sri Lankan reception in London…. he asked me what I did and I replied….’I write on Food and Travel’... ‘A Wordsmith’ he said - I need one…….and the rest is history. I work, as a freelancer for indusexperiences, hand in hand with Team members to write the Indus family of brochures, research specialist tours, do trips to keep myself up to date and on occasion accompany guests on tours.

Memories of my travels with indusexperiences will stay with me forever... an elephant taking off my sunhat and crushing it as, quite obviously, he couldn’t bless me with a clump of straw on my head! Most amusingly, listening to cricket deep in the vast sand dunes of the Great Thar desert on an old transistor radio, whilst sipping English tea in a fine bone china cup and genteelly eating tiny cucumber sandwiches – crustless of course!

What our clients say

Sri Lanka was absolutely spectacular, we did the rock (all 1,223 steps) the hotels were brilliant especially 98 acres which we wished we could have stayed longer. Thank you for arranging this for us, we had a great time & would go back to Sri Lanka and this time do some of the coastal towns.

A Sanders - Sri Lanka Holiday